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October 25th, 2009

03:01 pm - came into the e.r. drinking gin from a jam jar
My roommate just offered me food.

And like, he's a good guy and I bet his food is good, but I don't want to share his food. I have a thing sometimes about not sharing food.

What is the most respectful way I could have rejected my roommate's food?
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August 15th, 2009

11:49 pm - i need a reminder to look at my reminder
I finally wrote something for a quiz bowl tournament.

Here are the questions I wrote.Collapse )

It was fun, but I still have some things to learn.

Here is the packet my team wrote. It was not really used in the tournament so I'll show it off here.
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August 6th, 2009

11:22 pm - shut up for a minute island

Party Report #2: Matt and Ben (and everyones) delayed Birthday Parties

Occasion: It was a slow part of the drinking season.

Expectations: I expected it to start at 10 pm, because the invitation said 20:00 and I can't do subtraction. Then I expected it to be in a different room number than it actually was.

Venue: Matt and Ben live at Daron's house, which is an apartment. Daron's house had a painting of Reagan, and a lot of upholstered furniture on the balcony. It was one floor upstairs from a very nice lady with a very big dog.

Props: Josh and Zak (quitters), Matt, Ben, Daron, Steven D., Tom Hays, Simon, everyone who played Apples to Apples

Slops: The guy who wished Ottawa had more night-life, the guy who said Utilitarians could support sex crimes, drunk Andrew but not regular Andrew.

- Tom giving advice to the guys who were trying to toss their hats and catch them on their heads*.
- Simon listing off the three things he knows about Toronto.
- Me drawing the "Men" card in Apples to Apples.

I got to see a whole bunch of people I always like to see. I waited a long time for the bathroom before someone told me about the other bathroom. And I found out that Taylor Lautner is single again.

8 out of 10, those are cool people. I really should have gone to the first two hours.

*It was not helpful advice.

NSFW: Rebuttal to a Philosophy MajorCollapse )

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April 25th, 2009

10:20 pm - i told you not to go in there
I don't go to a lot of parties. But I go to more now than I used to. My plan is to start writing party reports.

Party Report #1: Mitch-a-palooza
by Brendan

Occasion: Mitch's birthday.

Expectations: Loudness. Chris's friends are good guys who I am used to seeing from the comfort of my own couch. The party had a good name, but I thought a drinking party might just get loud and boring. There was a (sincere?) campaign on Facebook to convince me to attend this party.

Venue: Mitch's house had a salad bowl on a tripod, and a TV on what looked like the Canadarm. There was a beer pong table which was a slab of wood sitting on some tires, spray painted with the words "beer pong".

Attendance: 12 or 15 people

Heroes: Chris, Mitch, Neil C., Bauhaus, Seidl, and the guy who was barbecuing in the rain.

- Mitch recruiting the dog to play flip cup.
- Techno playing and Chris getting mad at techno.
- Me convincing the guys who peed outdoors to go wash their hands.

Outcome: Met some people I've heard about and got invited to ball hockey. Also I got dinner, even though I'd eaten at home already.

Score: 6 out of 10 for everyone being friendly, would have scored higher if people were funnier. I like that crowd. I think they will be going until pretty late tonight.
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March 14th, 2009

12:29 am - maybe you could put it on youtunes
I made a voice recording where I talk for eight minutes about a website I don't like. I think I make some good points.

Much love,

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